About Curtis

I have lived in the Roseville Area School District for eight years with my wife Jill and our children. Jill and I are the proud parents of two amazing daughters who attend both the Roseville Area Middle School (RAMS) and High School (RAHS). Jill and I share a passion for quality education and this passion has led me to become deeply engaged with multiple volunteer experiences within our school district. This includes my ongoing membership in our local Parent Teacher Association (PTA) and service as Board Member with the Minnesota State PTA, in charge of parental engagement. My role with the State PTA has helped me to see a variety of school districts throughout Minnesota, which has offered an invaluable perspective on how districts manage pressing issues differently. I have also been a member of the Roseville District Facilities Planning Committee and was a co-chair of the Facilities Educational Programming Criteria Committee. Outside of my volunteer service, I have worked as a software engineer for 25 years.


Why I am Running

I know for a fact that Roseville has some of the best teachers in the state, and my children have benefitted greatly from their skill. The Roseville Area School District has given my family many rich experiences, and I am passionate about ensuring that all current and future families will be able to experience the depth of opportunities that we have received. Our teachers must continue to be supported in their jobs in order to provide our children with tools they will need to realize their potential. By supporting the teachers, and encouraging parents to be involved, we can go a long way to support ongoing opportunities for our students and our collective community.


I love science fiction, Shakespeare, astronomy, football (Go Vikings!) and football (Go Loons!).